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This dual mission involves an approach to “identify and initiate” policies and practices needing reform. The expertise of the Hue Jackson Foundation proactively identifies potential risks for victimization and policy failures as a critical first step in addressing human trafficking and social injustices.   Additionally, the Hue Jackson Foundation will strengthen the responses to existing problems identified through the organization and initiation of resources and supports. These responses will provide all stakeholders a dignified opportunity to lead through example and provides opportunities for victims across all spectrums to live a life of their choosing. The same goals are paramount to the work of ENOUGH. in that we seek to identify the existing barriers to entry that confronts non-white sports professionals. The ENOUGH. team will initiate the change agentry needed to break down these barriers affording them access to employment opportunities that have been historically denied.

"If we want to make profound and sustainable racial progress in an organization and society, then we have to reach people on a deeper intellectual, emotional, and moral level"

-Dr. Robert Livingston, "The Conversation"

The outcomes of the Hue Jackson Foundation’s work on the battlefield of Human Trafficking and ENOUGH’s focus on social justice are the same – providing the people most impacted the supports they need to be successful and thrive.  Transformational reform begins when differential resources are applied and allocated to unequal needs.  Institutional bias in sports industry is fed by the hiring practices and policies that lead to the injustice of structural racism in professional sports. The work of ENOUGH. will seek to educate and remove barriers to career advancement professional paths that contribute to unequal employment opportunities.   


In order to effect lasting change, it is crucial that ENOUGH. pursues a systems-change approach for the advancement of employment equity for all people experiencing marginalization. “Identification and Initiation” efforts of both the Hue Jackson Foundation and the ENOUGH. project are interdependent and their success lies in their mutually complimentary nature. Just as the goal of proactively combating Human Trafficking focuses on empowering vulnerable populations to prevent victimization, the same can be said of ENOUGH. as we seek to  initiate a paradigm shift in hiring to empower people of color to ascend to positions in professional sports beyond the playing field.

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