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Equity is only achieved through empowerment and that is a key element of this collaboration among ENOUGH. and the Hue Jackson Foundation. Just as the Foundation’s mission is to empower people with the knowledge and skills they need to avoid and resist exploitation, ENOUGH. seeks to empower Black/Brown sports professionals as applicants, and those in positions of authority in hiring.

The Hue Jackson Foundation has an established record of providing a restorative safe harbor to victims of human trafficking to prevent re-victimization. This expertise transcends naturally to the work of ENOUGH. Outcomes of ENOUGH. will help break the glass ceiling that Black and Brown people encounter in professional sports when it comes to coaching, management and other leadership positions.  

“ Collective Silence and inaction feels much the same way violence does" – ENOUGH.

The work of ENOUGH. seeks to help restore equity of opportunity like those that the “Rooney Rule” sought to propagate. Combating structural racism requires the challenge of norms that maintain inequitable racial outcomes in employment opportunities. 

This unique partnership among ENOUGH. and the Hue Jackson Foundation is guided by a racial equity lens,  whereby race no longer will determine one’s outcomes in employment opportunities. This worthy goal cannot  be achieved until the inequities of the past and present are acknowledged and a national dialogue is created.  Past and present implicit bias contributes to unequal opportunity; therefore, it is imperative that this philanthropic effort work with a racial equity lens to remedy structural inequities.

ENOUGH. and the Hue Jackson Foundation are uniquely situated to shift the paradigm of professional sports with regard to (non-player) talent acquisition and the advancement of minorities in positions other of power. For far too long, the collective silence and inaction has felt the very same way violence does. ENOUGH. provides a starting point to do a systems wide approach to create a core value organizational vision with an anti-bias lens. 

Our program emphasizes social justice and anti-bias. The anti-bias approach encourages the challenge of prejudice to empower people to learn how to be agents of change in their own lives. We propose adherence to a set of “Social Justice Standards” to illustrate how anti-bias policy reform can work when guided by the four realms of action, diversity identity, and impartiality.

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